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Al-hokamaa is the umbrella company for pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers and distributors of healthcare products and services in Iraq







Brief History of our Roots

Al-Hokamma Company for General Trading and Distribution of Medicines and Medical Supplies was established in Baghdad in 1996 by Dr. Othman Ahmed Aziz, specialized in drug marketing and pharmaceutical industries.
After two years of organized and ethical work, we established a second branch in the capital of Baghdad. Our next advancement was opening a section in the east side of Nineveh governorate, the second largest city in Iraq. We followed our success with a response to a much adhered demand of the residents by constructing a storage facility in the west side of the city, which has reaped its useful features over the years.

With guidance from our code of conduct in distributions and implementation of the development plan in correlation with expansion of the distribution of pharmaceuticals, senior management team made a decision to make way for our influence to ripple out by opening the following distribution centers in northern Iraq:

A distribution branch in Erbil city, which has been labeled as the main center of the company, hub of General Trading and Distribution Pharmaceuticals.
A distribution branch in Sulaymaniyah governorate for the provision of medical supplies.
A distribution branch in Kirkuk governorate for the provision of medical supplies.
A distribution branch in Dohuk governorate for the provision of medical supplies.
As a result of our meetings and extensive analysis of our distribution data, accompanied by geographical needs for pharmaceuticals and medicine in Iraq, we showed our care for the cause by establishing a supply chain of pharmaceuticals in Babylon governorate, which covers the demands of the city of Hilla. Another branch was built in Najaf governorate, that also covers the distribution of medicine in the holy province of Karbala. Our latest distribution center is in Basra governorate, and we are keen on broadening our services even more.
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