Al-Hukamaa Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Integrating and distributing international medical supplies produced by registered manufacturers in the Ministry of Health, such as the city of Al-Minshah.

  • Al-Hukamaa Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

    Our vision is to significantly and positively change the supply channel for pharmaceutical finished dosage drugs Iraqwide; to relentlessly ensure quality, safety, and cost efficiency, delivering excellent customer service and fast delivery to build a company which enables our employees and partners to grow and prosper. 
  • Al-Hukamaa Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

    We ensure the delivery of the drugs to the clients with a steady approach of keeping progress active, having ability to take immediate action, capable of taking initiative, having the norm of company reputation and clients satisfaction.
  • Al-Hukamaa Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

    Providing medicines and medical supplies produced in the registered factories registered in the Ministry of Health in the country of Al-Minshah.
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About Us 

Our Vision
Our Mission


Al-Hakamma Company for General Trading and Distribution of Medicines and Medical Supplies was established in Baghdad in 1996 by Dr Othman Ahmed Aziz specialized in drug marketing and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to significantly and positively change the supply channel for pharmaceutical finished dosage drugs Iraq-wide. We persistently aspire to produce a secure and pleasant surrounding for everyone. We hope to eventually expand into neighboring countries and ultimately become a global company in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission 

Our daily goal is to distribute original and refined medical supplies, to establish and improve our market. We seek our customers’ consent, placing them at the top of our priority chain. Our purpose is to realize a dream in which everyone lives in harmony and peace, vibrantly.

 Our products

our products have gone through checks and regulation in order to keep up with the standards of
Ministry of Health, they are all acknowledged to be of great calibre.

High Quality

Showcase of our mastery at providing medical supplies across Iraq.

Best Products

Importation of medicines from reputable pharmaceutical innovators.

Fair Prices

We insure the accessibility to our stock and services for all classes of society.

Fast Delivary

Capable to carry out our task with dexterity and experience.

What We Offer

Pharmaceutical forms provided by our company of global and local originators

Our Branches

Al-hokamaa is the umbrella Company for pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers and distributors of healthcare products and services in Iraq


Erbil , Almstaufi,behind Doctores street
964 (0)751 442 2336
964 (0)751 442 2337

Erbil Branch


Sulaimaniyah ,Orzdi Street
964 (0)751 442 2339

Sulaimaniyah Branch


Duhok,City Center
964 (0)750 767 6764

Duhok Branch


Kirkuk , City Center
964 (0)751 740 4541
964 (0)770 219 9894

Kirkuk Branch


Alzohoor Street No.3 Other in Mosul
964 (0)770 833 2990
964 (0)750 366 8222

Mosul Branch


Baghdad , City Center
964 (0)770 833 2990
964 (0)750 366 8222

Baghdad Branch

Message from the CEO

“In this fast-growing industry of healthcare, we work diligently to deliver medicine that is authentic and ethical”

I hold it as my responsibility to tirelessly work towards our VISION. Our aim is to ingrain a sense of safety and comfort in the hearts of our customers, an environment in which they feel assured of medical supplies round the clock. To import the latest of the most acclaimed and used international medicine and integrate them into our centers across Iraq.

Our strong and reliable infrastructure is built upon dozens of passionate and dedicated staff members, who along with myself have worked to gain people’s trust in our company and ultimately, our GOAL.
I have set an optimistic eye on the future of the company and the general healthcare industry in our country, endorsed by our long-term plans to establish new facilities and centers in cities that need them most, and eventually across the board.
Founder of Company - Dr. Othman Ahmed Aziz

Our Partners 

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